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Kansas Anymore - Signed Vinyl

Role Model, a 26-year-old singer-songwriter, poured his heart into his debut album Rx, inspired by a past romance. His sophomore album, Kansas Anymore, delves into the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship. Struggling to find inspiration, he began the project in 2022 while touring but faced a personal crisis by summer 2023, feeling homesick and conflicted about his California-based relationship. Scrapping much of his work, he started anew, crafting a folky, cohesive album influenced by artists like Zach Bryan and War on Drugs. Collaborating with Jonah Shy, Scott Harris, and Noah Conrad, he found his sound and even worked with Ian Fitchuk on "Oh, Gemini." Despite the album's darker themes, tracks like "Look at That Woman" and "Scumbag" capture a nostalgic, summery vibe. Role Model eagerly anticipates performing these songs live, aiming to showcase his growth as a musician and capture the essence of his journey in Kansas Anymore.
Standard Vinyl + Signed Art Card

Side A
1. Writing’s On The Wall
2. Look At That Woman
3. Scumbag
4. Oh Gemini
5. Frances
6. Superglue
Side B
7. The Dinner
8. Deeply Still In Love
9. Slut Era Interlude
10. So Far Gone (feat. Lizzy McAlpine)
11. Slipfast
12. Compromise
13. Something, Somehow, Someday

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